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Indulge Irresponsibly, AZ’s All Natural Vegan Bakery

Position: Dessert Vendor

My name is Jozhua D. Watson and I am a Phoenix native and the owner and tastemaker of Indulge Irresponsibly. I started Indulge Irresponsibly to provide a positive vegan food experience as well as to promote health, sustainability, and wellness throughout the valley of the sun and in less affluent communities. My plant-centric lifestyle started with a need to change my lifestyle to become healthier. At times, people don’t often see the potential health impacts of their decisions until down the road when things are often too late to change. I was pre-diabetic, had hypertension, had kidney issues, and was at a high risk for a stroke. All of this throughout my 20’s. With the transition to a vegan lifestyle in my late 20’s, I am healthier than ever and those health issues have reversed. With Indulge Irresponsibly, I hope to share my culinary experiences and delicious tastes with the world and challenge anyone willing to make the change to invest in more healthy and environmentally friendly habits, such as eating clean as well as preventative measures that require drive, faith, and optimism. When I am not baking, I am teaching Africana Studies and Gender Studies courses at Arizona State University in the School of Social Transformation (Dr. J. is my other hat). Outside of this, I love eating and trying out new vegan foods as well as participating in community initiatives that serve the greater good of humanity.

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